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Dear Riki, The other night I was telling Jessy how it drives me crazy not to be able to talk to you, share things with you. Jessy, for instance. But especially things related to fieldwork, and how knowledge gets made, and all the stuff we used to talk about. It


Update, February 2015 Repo now public. Still a series of sketches more than anything. Stay tuned for news on this topic soon. … Since I presented sketches in Berlin last week, it is time to start talking about Zeitgeber in a more public way. Zeitgeber is a collaboration between the Delhi-based

Living Tools

(This first appeared on Medium in May 2013) Why do we get such pleasure from contrived scenes of animals “acting human”? If you saw the video week before last of the bicycle race at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, in which a bear and two monkeys are made to pedal

Dogs with Bandages

(This first appeared on Medium in May 2013) Everywhere I go I see dogs with bandages on their paws. It happened earlier this week. It was coming up on 9am on a Sunday morning at the end of May, the air temperature a dismal 45° F (7° C). A fine


In Berlin it is hot. It’s been in the mid-30s the past three days, and bright, but dry. I am reminded of the summer I moved back to New York, fifteen years ago. The MTA’s Poetry in Motion series that August featured this: Too Much Heat, Too Much


Years ago, a friend, who knew something about coming home to find her possessions set out at the curb, told me sharing a place with me was like living with a ghost. “You can’t be sure someone else is in the apartment, except that the peanut butter keeps disappearing